Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to the world, Baby Moses!

Yom rishon, 7 Cheshvan 5770.

On Saturday, another righteous Gentile entered the world.  (I know his mom and dad pretty well; so I have no doubt that he will be raised to be righteous.)

 Moses John Albert Bosley, 
aka "MoJo," according to his Israeli uncles

Baby, mommy and daddy are doing fine, baruch Hashem.

Dear Baltimore kehilla:

I just want to remind you of and thank you for your kindness and kiddush Hashem of many years ago, when a nice Gentile boy and girl and their baby daughter came to visit your fair city.  You treated them well, and helped them to learn how wonderful are the Jewish people.  You helped them to understand us.  (Even if they still don't quite "get" kosher for Passover soup nuts, and what anyone would see in horseradish mixed with apples and nuts on cardboard.)

And to everyone else who didn't know us then, but has been davening for the health and well-being of this baby and his mother, may you have many blessings to share with your families, over long, healthy, happy lives.

Todah, hamon todah!

Kehilla:  community
Kiddush Hashem:  sanctification of G-d's name.  When a Jew behaves as he's supposed to, G-d gets good press.
Todah, hamon todah:  the biggest "thank you" I know how to say in Hebrew
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