Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Hero in the Hands of Hashem

Yom shlishi, 25 Tishrei 5770.

I just stole this from my friend Chavale's blog, for two reasons.  I have a cold, which means that I have no creative energy on tap.  And the message is profound and important, and reminds me that, as our friend Aaron Shamberg once said, "All of our problems are good problems."  Read Chavale's entire excellent post here.

Boaz Shabo and his wife just received the more-amazing-than-we-know gift of triplets.

Photo by Amir Cohen for YNet

Asked how he will now be able to start dealing with three little babies, Boaz said, “It won’t be easy – but a lot of things have not been easy over the past few years. I tried to look at everything from the positive, optimistic side, and put the difficulties aside; I think that 50% of the problems are psychological. If a person says that it will be hard, then it will be hard. But if you decide to try to get up in the morning with a smile, and know you are headed in the right direction, then it will be much easier for you. You can’t let the obstacles stop you; put them aside.”

“I just want to emphasize," Boaz said in closing, "that everyone must know: Never give in to despair. There is always a light at the top, even if it might involve a hard climb. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, at which can be found light, happiness, faith, and all of our goals.”

We Jewish people are fortunate to have among us such heroes and role models.  May their example give us the strength to endure, and to try to fulfill G-d's expectations of us.
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