Friday, October 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Sukkos / all around the world...

Yom shishi, 14 Tishrei 5770, Erev Chag Sukkot.

With cleaning and cooking and sukkah-building being top priorities the last few days, I have no time to write.  But you are just as busy, and have no time to read.  Here are some pictures to look at, when you take that well-deserved break.

Here are a few of the sukkot going up around Neve Daniel.

Classy sukkah, yes?  Well -- wait till you see the house that goes with it:

Now I know it makes sense to you.  Classy house, classy sukkah.

I know this fellow has a big sukkah -- but does he really need all that schach???  (Just kidding.  He shleps in schach for all of us to purchase, at very reasonable prices.)

Here is Mizrachi Mansion going up.

I know I've probably said it before; but Sukkot is my favorite holiday.  One of the reasons is because the Dearly Beloved builds me a house with his own hands, and with the help of our sons.  It is filled to the brim with simplicity and genius and love.  There is kedusha there.

We had some time before the aforementioned cooking and cleaning to visit Yerushalayim and Ramat Beit Shemesh and Beitar Illit.  Here are some of the beautiful and interesting scenes that reminded us of why we love living in our country with our people.

(Hey -- who's that guy screaming "Remember Gush Katif!" whilst observing the attention to detail of the Chareidim?)

News flash:  Israel's President, Shimon Peres, invited neighborhood children in Yerushalayim to help him decorate his sukkah.  Politics aside -- this is not a happening thing at the US White House.

The real Chez Mizrachi, ready for ushpizin, meals, holy hanging out, music, and as many guests as wish to drop by.  We look forward to seeing you here.

Chag sameach, from Mishpachat Mizrachi to all of our family everywhere!
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