Monday, February 21, 2011

"Blue-Eyed Angel"

Yom sheni, 17 Adar aleph 5771.

Because there is a certain amount of sadness in the air -- it's right around the third anniversary of the Mercaz HaRav massacre, about which I still cannot write; Gilad Shalit just passed his seventeen-hundredth day in captivity; memories of Mumbai are surfacing; and the world is teetering, teetering on who knows what -- I just don't have a post in me.

Fortunately, one's children can sometimes come to the rescue.

Here, for your entertainment, is a love song.  It is not religious.  It is not about anyone in particular.  The only thing Israeli or Jewish about it is that it was written and performed by a young IDF soldier I know and love.

Let me know what you think -- but as always with these nachas posts -- only if you love it.  :-)

Sara Lee's a girl who just turned sixteen
She likes to be alone
She knows that she ain't beautiful
She hides from everyone

Today she's sittin' on her favorite bench
In the corner of the school yard
Wishin' she could be just like them
Wishin' life wasn't so hard

Billy Joe's a boy who's new at school
Today is his first day
He stands at the edge of the school yard
He figures he'll just wait

He turns his head -- now what does he see
On a bench underneath the shade?
The most beautiful girl that he has ever seen
Oh and he just can't look away

He sees an angel with big blue eyes
Lord, he just can't look away
He's starin' at an angel with big blue eyes
Why can't Billy look away?

She's just eighteen years old, it's the school prom
Her dear mama begged her to go
Nobody's asked her to dance at the prom
She's wishin' she hadn't shown

Standin' in the middle of a thousand smilin' faces
She starts to feel so alone
She closes her eyes and dreams of a man
Starts dancin' on her own

Billy Joe walks in and looks around the room
Oh my -- what has he found?
Standin' in the middle, there's a beautiful girl
She's spinnin' round and round

He makes his way through the screamin' crowd
And makes his way over to her
Puts his hands around her and she opens up her eyes
Suddenly, Billy's lost for words

He sees an angel with big blue eyes
Lord, he just can't look away
He's starin' at an angel with big blue eyes
Why can't Billy look away?

It's seven years later, she married Billy Joe
They live together at home
Billy stayed home to watch over the kids
Sara Lee's out drivin' all alone

It was a dark and slippery night
A bitter cold winter
She never saw that thin black sheet of ice
Ten feet in front of her

Billy Joe's sittin' at the kitchen table
When the phone gives an angry scream
"Sir, would you please come to the county hospital.
There's been an emergency."

Billy Joe walks in, and Sara turns away
"Please don't look at me.
They said they did all that they could do.
And I don't want you to see."

Billy Joe walks over and puts a hand on her face
Says "Baby, look at me."
She turns her head, and he cannot help but smile
Says "Let me tell you what I see."

"I see an angel with big blue eyes
and I just can't look away
And I'm starin' at an angel with big blue eyes
And I swear I'll never look away."


bat said...

If you posted the words, my middle-aged brain would enjoy this even more :-)

rutimizrachi said...

Bat: I hear. (Well, actually -- like you, I don't hear everything.) I'll see what I can do.

attention said...

Halavai every yid's heart could wake up and live with such passion about what matters...

rutimizrachi said...

Bat: Done. Just for you. :-)

Shoshi said...

Truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you should be very proud. yashar koach!

rutimizrachi said...

WhatHeals: And that is what youth is all about. We can try to catch it from them, if we hang around with them a bit. Thank you for your kind words.

Shoshi: Thank you!

Anonymous: Bli ayin hara. Mostly, I am just grateful to watch them becoming themselves...

Isreview said...

Thank you for posting the words! Cool song! great job!
I enjoyed reading and listening to it.

the sabra said...

Dear Sir,

Please blast away our enemies with as much passion, talent and intensity as you have shown here.

Note: you needn't blast their bodies away; blasting away the hate in them will work as well.

Thank you.

In awe and appreciation,
One of your Mummy's adopted daughters

Joy Snow said...

It was all beautiful: the music, the words, the young man.

Jack said...

Very nice.