Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not seeing things

Yom revi'i, 16 Tamuz 5769.

Nothing says "too much time in front of the computer" like walking out your door and seeing this: 

...instead of this:

The Dearly Beloved and I were on one of our daily walks, enjoying a particularly lively Neve Daniel wind.

I couldn't quite bring myself to admit that I was just now noticing the flag painted on our water tower.  I mean, what if it had been there for WEEKS???  And when did it get there?  It must have taken days to paint.  I pride myself on being an observant Jew.  (Sorry.  I'm getting old enough to get away with being punny.)  Had I been so oblivious to the world outside of cyberspace that I totally missed guys with pulleys and platforms and buckets of paint crawling all over the water tower?  I decided to remain nonchalant.

"Hey," exclaimed the Dearly Beloved, "when did they put that up?"  (Whew.  I do not know how I would maintain my sense of mental balance without the old guy.)

We discussed it for a few minutes, reminding each other that we had spent the whole week moving Soldier Boy from one apartment to another.  We ran into one of our good neighbors, who invited us in for a home-brewed beer.  (We accepted, of course.  Beer may not be the cornerstone of most weight-loss plans, but it is "proof that G-d loves us, and wants us to be happy.")  He and his delightful wife explained to us that the painting had, in fact, gone up just this day!  Their sons earned a little arichat yomim by validating the parents.  "We saw the guys painting it!" they chorused.  One of the little geniuses elaborated.  "They had this big triangle, and they turned it this way --" he illustrated in the air -- "and then the other way."


We felt better, and it wasn't just the beer.

The old girl in me is grateful not yet to be losing her sense of reason.  The rebellious teenager that still dwells inside likes seeing a giant "we are here, and we aren't leaving" banner painted on the water tower.  Right on, Israel.  Right on.

Arichat yomim:  "lengthy days" -- one of the rewards, our Sages tell us, for respect for our parents
The beer quote was taken from Benjamin Franklin without permission.  He's dead.
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