Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gifts of the Land: a study in relativity

Yom shlishi, 9 Elul 5768/9 September 2008, Tuesday.

Yesterday, the Dearly Beloved returned from a trip up to the Golan, bearing stories and gifts.

He and the Stunt Man (the 16-year-old) had climbed to the Black Falls and to the White Falls without enough water, but with a great deal of intestinal fortitude. They had a great time, bonding as father and son.

The figs were delicious, tasting of shmitta-kedusha, warm summer mountain winds, and sun-drenched earth.

As I appreciated my lovely figs, carried lovingly from one of my favorite places in the world, I thought of gifts I would receive from trips around Baltimore. Once again, I have an opportunity to be grateful for the move to the Holy Land. ;-) Baruch ata Hashem al ha-aretz v'al peyroteiha!
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