Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Golani, Golani Sheli...

Yom shlishi, 23 Elul 5768.

Recently, Soldier Boy brought home a special gift to his dear father, a former US soldier.  He knew his abba would appreciate a hat with the insignia of Soldier Boy's infantry brigade.

His father wears it proudly, nearly everywhere we go.

While no one actually asks for his autograph, driving in a darkened, chauffeur-driven car with diplomatic plates would not get him any better treatment.

Young men all over Israel smile at my husband, murmur "Golani," and shake his hand.  He is quick to say that it is his son who is in Golani; but I don't think it matters.  It may not qualify as protexia, or get us special discounts. 

But folks treat us right nice.
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