Friday, June 3, 2011

Politically Correct Hebrew Ulpan

Yom shishi, 1 Sivan 5771, Rosh Chodesh Sivan.

I love efficiency.  It delights me when I can accomplish two things in one shopping trip.  Three practically gets me dancing.  I feel the same way about objects.  I have no use for pointless dustables, however lovely.  (It took the Dearly Beloved nearly half our marriage to figure this out.)  Ah!  But give me a thing of beauty that is a functional joy forever...  and I am ecstatic.

An objet d'art that is merely lovely is very nice to look at in a gallery, in other people's houses, or in a store.  (They can keep it, as it's usually too expensive.  I'll just enjoy it when I pop by.  That's why they call it a "store.")  Like everybody else who lives in our apartment, a piece of art will be more greatly appreciated if it earns its keep.

What follows, before I get to the point (yes, actually, there is a point) is a short visual excursion through Ruti's favorite functional art.

Art from the Armenian Quarter of the Old City.
Function.  This one can stay.

Art from an artist formerly-from-Gush-Katif.

After this challah is sliced, it will be so happy being passed around the table on this beautiful platter.

One of my few family heirlooms.  Quite a story.  Russian prince; sunken ship; Pekingese dog.  I'll tell it to you sometime.

Its functionality as a Shabbat salt cellar keeps it from being stored in the cellar.

Even technology and office supplies needn't be ugly.

And spiritually functional.

Such fine lines!

AND she works for a living.  Definitely NOT stuck in a drawer.

Even cute is acceptable...

...when it has a purpose.

My favorite functional art.  Lovely, and made in Israel...
As I said, it took the Dearly Beloved a while to figure me out.  But he finally got it.
...and it guards my precious rings.  What more could a girl want?
Okay.  What does this have to do with ulpan?  Or political correctness?

There is a group I am going to research a little more later.  (It is Erev Shabbat, after all.)  The group is called "Artists 4 Israel."  These days, that is so much more than a refreshing group name, as an increasing number of the "creative enlightened" decide to share their political opinion that Israel is the greatest evil on the face of the Earth.  Artists 4 Israel will come to Israel, will perform or paint for people over the Green Line, will stand with Israel as she does her best to survive, while all about her are losing their heads.

So Artists 4 Israel led me to this very clever video, which explains in careful Hebrew (with Hebrew subtitles as well as English translation) exactly what "the territories" are, and to whom they belong.  Fancy that!  Entertainment, history, and ulpan.  And it's all politically correct.  (Or politically corrected.)  Art meets function.  And Ruti is very, very happy.

Chodesh tov, and Shabbat shalom!


sparrow said...

4.29am here and I have been up for an hour, so I'm really glad to read your latest blog. I LOVE your shabbat bread platter. However, I think the bread ON the platter is a work of art! Please would you send me your challah recipe sometime. I used to have a really good recipe, and I managed to lose it - I don't make bread often these days - I just don't have the time.
Shabbat shalom

Shimshonit said...

Gotta hear that salt cellar story sometime. I am also a gal who appreciates form if it's accompanied by function. This goes for crafts and birthday presents for my kids. Must thank WBM for introducing me to your blog, too. Great stuff.