Sunday, June 5, 2011

LOCAL x-rays can be a reality.

Yom rishon, 3 Sivan 5771.

This is a PSA for folks in the Gush; but anyone anywhere in the world who wants to donate to the cause is more than welcome to participate!

Are you tired of shlepping to Jerusalem every time you or a family member needs an x-ray?  Very soon you'll be able to have them taken right here in the Gush.  But a little help is needed to make this a reality.

If you've spent any time outside the yishuv lately, you may have seen a friend of ours riding around the Gush on a red Vespa.  His name is David Bogner, and he actually rides from Efrat to Beer Sheva and back every day on his scooter.

To mark his 50th birthday (this month), David has decided to take a 1,000 mile (approx. 1,600 km) ride around our beautiful country on his Vespa.   He's calling it the "Midsummer Night's Dream Ride," and he is inviting residents of the Gush to sponsor the ride to the benefit of the Efrat Emergency Medical Center's nearly completed Radiology Suite.

All of us stand to benefit from being able to get X-rays taken locally; but there is only a short time left to participate.

So we're writing to ask you to sponsor the "Dream Ride" and the Radiology Center.  If enough of us make really modest donations, this project can be up and running in a matter of days.
You can read more about the ride on David's blog ( or go directly to the EEMC site ( and click on one of the yellow "Dream Ride" buttons to submit your donation through their secure server.

Our kids, who maim themselves routinely (puh-puh-puh), thank you for participating in this important project!

Dear Bogner:  The Major says to watch out for rocks, and to remember to wear your Air Defense Equipment, aka "helmet."  Ruti just reminds you to drink lots of water.  Pit stops aren't just for tires.  Happy birthday.  You're almost an adult.


treppenwitz said...

Tell the Major that this former swabby says 'aye aye sir!'. But also tell him I'm far more afraid of you than him. :-)

rutimizrachi said...

Ah, the Golden Goddess has trained you well, Padwan.

sparrow said...

I'm looking forward to this ride, and hearing that the radiology unit is up and running. Totally inspired what David is doing - I just wish I could be as imaginative for my 50th at the end of the year.

rutimizrachi said...

Kids. I'm surrounded by KIDS.

CHAVA said...

Heehee, Oh I love you Ruti :)

And, very awesome possum re the ride n the cause. Shall make my way over there momentarily, G-d willing.

So, I wanted to promote my new blog. I'm not one that usually seeks out readers for my writing, but this blog is different. Would appreciate a shout-out ;)

Take care!

rutimizrachi said...

Hey, CHAVA! Shout out accomplished. Keep validating people, and making them feel better about being mere humans. It is one of the many things you do well.