Friday, June 4, 2010

Join Standing Together to Thank Our Soldiers!

Yom shishi, 22 Sivan 5770.

The Twelve Spies by Oleg Trabish (Thank you, Nechama.)

I want to tell you more about this amazing week -- but just for the moment I want to share with my fellow Neve Daniel citizens some news.

Standing Together will be heading out to thank our holy chayalim on Sunday night (yom sheni).  We will meet at the main gate of Neve Daniel at 22:00 (10 PM).  Chaya Mandelcorn of Makor Rishon newspaper will be there to hear what we have to say about what motivates us to go out in support of our boys and girls in uniform.  (If anyone needs a ride, please email and they will see what they can arrange.)

This week's parsha, Shelach Lecha, has my favorite pasuk in the whole Torah.  I wonder if you can guess which one it is.

Shabbat shalom u'mevorach!


Steve Perisho said...

To whom it may concern:
I'm interested in the possibility of securing permission to use of this image of the "Twelve Spies." Can you give me any more information about it? Any contact information for Oleg Trabish? I will write also and provide an email address.

rutimizrachi said...

Steve: I scanned in and used the image from a beautiful greeting card someone sent to me. I thought that giving credit to the artist would be better than posting it as my own -- G-d forbid. Hopefully, using the image with credit given to the artist is sufficient.

Steve Perisho said...

Okay. Thanks! I'll see if I can figure out how to contact him directly (though he doesn't seem to be prominent on the Web).

rutimizrachi said...

Let me know if you have success. It is a beautiful piece of work -- and the essence of this blog, after all.