Monday, June 21, 2010

"Anachnu lomdim Ivrit b'yachad." *

Yom sheni, 9 Tamuz 5770.

One of the keys to surviving comfortably in Israel is spending time -- for some of us, a LOT of time -- in ulpan.

As in most families, there is a division of labor, to make the household run smoothly.  For instance, I learn Hebrew for us, and the Dearly Beloved earns the money to pay for the classes.  I benefit from his expenditure; and he benefits from the words and grammar I bring home.  Today, we had a real breakthrough, as I was gratified to see that he is grasping some of the lessons I have tried to impart.

I called him from the Tachana Merkazit (Central Bus Station) to explain why I was going to be late coming home.

"Your wife is a moron," I explained.  "I rode all the way to the Tachana Merkazit, forgetting to get off at the Klal Building so I could do our banking.  So I had to walk back."

Ever mindful of shoring up my self-esteem, he chided me.  "This is the second time today you have called yourself a moron," he said.  "You are not a moron."  He paused, to let his words sink in.  "You are a moronah.  In Hebrew, it would be 'moronah.'  Because you're a 'she.'"

As I pointed out in class today, the only way we can make it in Israel is to work as a team.

Thank you, Honey.

Take advantage of the free classes every oleh receives when you make aliyah.  By all means!  But when you are finished with that, and want to really "get" the language, deep in your kishkes, take as much Ulpan La-Inyan as you can afford.  It's more than worth it.  (Check into the options for taking courses before you make aliyah, as well!

* "We are learning Hebrew together."
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