Thursday, September 3, 2009

May our merits be as plentiful as the seeds of a pomegranate.

Yom chamishi, 14 Elul 5769.

I was a little worried about my Rosh Hashana table as I walked through Meah Sha'arim with a dear friend the other day.  Seems the pomegranates think the New Year has come and gone...

With two weeks until Rosh Hashana, it was a relief to see that the local makolet still gets the nicest produce available, IMHO.

The hands holding these beautiful rimonim are the hands of Yeshiva Bochur, sof-sof on his pilot trip to Israel.  He will go to yeshiva for the year...  and look for his permanent makom in the Holy Land.  Baruch Hashem!
May 5770 hold the promise of increasing nearness to Hashem, to our appreciation of our individual purpose, to our comprehension that we are nothing without each other.
As Yeshiva Bochur (aka "Sage") writes in a recent "rasta-style" song,
Why must we fight against our brothers,
why must we fight against our neighbors.
we lost the Temple for baseless hatred
forget the grudges, remember the sacred
pray to di Most High for our salvation
freedom will come with the voice of a nation.

Get up today, stand up tall
united we stand divided we fall
without love we don't got hope
without G-d we stand alone
Sage logo courtesy of Yaakov (aka "The Russian") Vershubsky
Makolet:  mini-market, local grocery
Rimonim:  pomegranates
Sof-sof:  finally
Makom:  place
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