Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Purim is coming. Embrace the silly.

Yom shlishi, 8 Adar 5769.

Here is a little Purim wisdom, shared by My Hero, the Dearly Beloved.  You decide.

I think this particular headgear brings out the Norwegian in him.
Disclaimer:  The Dearly Beloved remarks that he is referring to the old TV program, rather than to the movie version, in which he found no redeeming value of any kind.  Stunt Man agrees with his father, stating, as follows:  "I would rather stick nine-inch nails into my eyes than be forced to watch that movie."  [Sigh.]  I am looking forward to returning to our regular pre-Purim programming.


Shalomis said...

I think the big Duke himself, Mr. Wayne, would agree with Avi on the 'men being men and women being women' line. Love the hat.

Baila said...


Pesha said...

I love it. Thank you for my daily laugh.