Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week of Weather in Pictures

 Yom Shishi, 29 Tevet 5773.
The Dearly Beloved's forest.  He doesn't own it.  He just staked his claim there.
   Growing up in the States, we used to chuckle about how you knew people were getting old when the first topic of conversation was the weather.

I consider it a great kindness on the part of Hashem that as I moved into that chapter of my life, He allowed me to move to Israel, where everybody talks about the weather, regardless of age.  The Kineret having risen 73 centimeters awes young and old alike!  The hope that maybe snow will fall in Jerusalem excites children of all ages.  We bless rain and dew and wind.  In our mountain yishuv of Neve Daniel, fog isn't just low-lying cloud.  It's the Ananei HaKavod, the Clouds of Glory.

No time to write.. still busy with wedding plans, b"H.  But here are some pictures of my day in Jerusalem on Tuesday with the Dearly Beloved, before we hunkered down on our mountain, awaiting snow.

I was practically blown away trying to stand still for this shot.  Couldn't stop laughing.

All down Yafo Street, little trees just fell right over in the wind.

Everywhere, the streets were littered with umbrella corpses.  Great for gentle rains.  No match for high winds.

Note to self: Super-long dresses are fun in the summer, but dumb in the winter.  Wear shorter dress next time.

Wiser, warmer and dryer, we awoke to wild winds and rain on Wednesday.  Good day to stay home and make kale chips, mushroom-barley soup, and to enjoy a visit from the just-arrived-in-country parents of Champagne Girl.  The wedding is beginning to feel real!

We had a pleasant few hours, but then had to send them on their way to Efrat, before the weather got even wilder.  Throughout Neve Daniel, barbecue covers and towels and kipot and other lovely items flew from hill to hill; and citizens posted items lost and found.  The next morning, we woke up to a real snow day.  What follows is an unbelievably fun day in pictures, made of children's smiles, and the smiles of people still in touch with their inner child.

Snowy morning walk up my steps to the street
The incongruity of snow in the Middle East

The famous metal flowers covered in snow
A good day for cars to spend napping

Men at work: the snowman competitions begin
Remember when we could smile sitting in the cold with frozen fingers?

This clever fellow wears a terra cotta top hat.

The Dearly Beloved and his new friend, Harvey Snowman.  No one else could see him.

The Lonely Snowman of Faith stood in the shadow of the shul, arms Heavenward.  At least he kept his kipah on.

In this photo by Yeshiva Bochur, Champagne Girl reminds me of a 1930s actress.
IMHO, the winning snowman: A frozen chayal.  Note his six-pack abs.  Even snow soldiers have to stay in shape.
A mommy getting ready for payback.  "Sleep with one eye open tonight, Kid."  That'll teach him to ambush his ma in a snowball fight.
Ol' Cucumber Eye, giving directions to motorists.
These bushes look like snow muffins.
The view looking out over Efrat, toward Jordan
Snow blossoms
Snow wars, with the clouds over the Mediterranean Sea in the background
Sunlight through snow-covered palms
More teamwork:  The best part of the day was being surrounded by smiles.
Home again, after a fun- and people-filled day
Different dress, shorter hem.  Note to self: It doesn't matter.  Wear what you like.  You're getting soaked anyway.
May your winter be filled with beauty, the laughter of children, the opportunity to play, followed by the opportunity to get warm.  May you find the community that makes you feel cherished.  May you find your way home.


in the vanguard said...

beautiful ISRAEL!!!

Avi said...

Thanks, great photo story.

Sara Fiedler said...

I enjoy your post sooo much. Thanks and have a wonderful Shabbos. Chodesh tov.

rutimizrachi said...

ITVG: Agreed! B"H!

Avi: Thank you!

Sara: Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting. May you also have a wonderful Shabbat, and a chodesh filled with bracha!

Lady-Light said...

Great post. My son in Efrat complained: "it didn't snow long enough." "It melted the next day." I think he reallymisses Colorado...