Sunday, April 3, 2011

Warning: crawly and slimy things alert

Yom rishon, 28 Adar bet 5771.

If you are looking for a meaningful post, ignore this one and go to my sidebar of Ruti's Regular Reads.  There are some really good writers there, who have important things to say.  Today, I am getting in touch with "my inner boy," a part of me that my husband really likes.  (The trick is marrying the right person.  Bli ayin hara, puh-puh-puh...)  Not that he likes lizards.  ("Snakes with legs.  That's all they are.")  But he likes that I do.

"?מה את מביטה"

What kid doesn't love cherry pickers?

I love when these super fast little guys take the time to pose.

I never remember seeing a hornet until I came to Israel.

The Tom Car is my dream car.  Shopping in Beitar?  No problem.  We'll go overland...

An early sign of spring.

Never kill a mosquito eater.  This guy is your friend.

A flower that looks like a bug or a disease belongs in this post.

There are times I miss being a little kid.  Guess what I want for my birthday!!

Only kids find this a normal photograph.

Not Israel, but funny.  Indicative of the kind of humor that flies around when the Mizrachi lads are all home together.

Dear G-d.  Thank You for giving me such cool things to look at in Eretz Yisrael!  Thank You for giving me sons who have taught me to look up, to look down, and to never ignore anything that wiggles.

News flash: Haveil Havalim #311, "The Warp and Woof Edition," is live at Frume Sarah's World.
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