Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Get the right map!

Yom chamishi, 22 Iyar 5770.

One of the cool things about being in ulpan is that I get to meet really interesting new Jews every eight weeks.  One of my classmates is Fern Reiss; and when she and her husband found some spare time before Pesach, they decided to create a really wonderful map of Jerusalem.  (I would like to learn to use so-called spare time this productively.)

Here is the Maps Jerusalem video to whet your appetite for a really great map, with all of the truly important features.  (If for some reason you cannot see this video, it's worth spending the four minutes to chase it down at  Can you say "CHAMOOD ME'OD"?)

It shows you where the truly important locations are.  Like shuls.  Like restaurants.  Like bathrooms.  (Duh.)  And you can even order it online, before you need it.  It's well-made, and affordableORDER HERE!

Looking forward to seeing you when you visit...  and you can be sure that if you live here already, it's still a must-have item.

By the way, today is "Reserve Soldiers Appreciation Day."  Hug a soldier on milueim.  (Okay -- only if he's yours...)

CHAMOOD ME'OD: very cute
Milueim: Duty for reserve soldiers in the IDF

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