Sunday, August 9, 2009

When I don't have time to write, I'll call Baila...

Yom rishon, 19 Av 5769.

I am busy doing some proof-reading for a friend just now; so there isn't much time to write.

Fortunately, there is a new edition of Haveil Havalim up at my friend Baila's place.  One of the delightful aspects of the "blogosphere" is that, after one writes for a while, and reads the writing of others, commenting on same, a kind of cyber-community forms.  And eventually, we begin to find out a few things about each other, just as in a less virtual community.  (Speaking of Haveil Havalim, for instance, I recently discovered that HH's founder, Soccer Dad, is also from Baltimore.  Now I just have to do a little more research to see if his wife and I ever "hung out.")

Over time, Baila has discovered that many bloggers are living right in her own newly-adopted home town.  (Baila also made aliyah about two years ago.)  Issue #229,  the Modi'in Edition, features the writing of Baila's neighbors in Modi'in, along with other interesting offerings from all over the Jewish cyberworld.

If you enjoy good writing, please look over this collection of interesting and eclectic opinions, information, news coverage, Torah and fun.

Looking forward to seeing blogger buddies in person again, and making new friends, at the Second Annual Jewish Bloggers Convention.
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