Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Schamroth and Peyos Show

Yom rishon, 26 Av 5769.

One of the trickiest things about parenting is not only to avoid having favorites among your children, but making sure they never think you have favorites.

"Mom always loved you best."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did NOT!"

So the Dearly Beloved and I have worked very hard over the years to point out each boys' special attributes, so that it would be clear to each of them that not only is no one boy favored over any other -- in fact, each boy is our favorite son.  Baruch Hashem, it has been easy for us to feel this way, as each of these guys is such a flaming individual that there is little competition on common ground.

However, things always get a little dicey as you move down the sibling food chain.  There are a million photos of the first born...  quite a few of number two...  at least some pics of the third kid...  but by the time the "baby" is ten years old, he notices something missing from the walls of the mansion flat.

At this point in their lives, each of our creative geniuses (puh-puh-puh) has created some sort of brilliant video or audio.  Soldier Boy has recorded a few of his beautiful songs, and had an impressive bit-part in a Gidon Orman production for One Israel Fund.  Yeshiva Bochur put together a hoppin' reggae band (much to his long-suffering rosh yeshiva's chagrin), and cut a professional recording.  Stunt Man made a couple of classy short movies under the tutelage of the great Yaron Shane.

But Sports Guy had yet to attain audio or video stardom.

Until now.

Thanks to young filmmaker Yaakov Myers of Ramat Bet Shemesh, Sports Guy (aka "Peyos") has finally made the big time.  Yaakov's and Peyos' good friend, Avi Schamroth -- besides acting in the film, pretending to be a "so-so" basketball player (the only unbelievable part of this film) -- has a professional filmmaker as a cousin.  Dovi Schamroth at Momento Media took this fun short video, set it to hero music that would rival "Rocky," and did a wonderful editing job.  (By the way, Dovi is so humble, you can't find his name on his website.  His work speaks for itself.)  Dovi was kind enough to edit out the scene where Sports Guy misjudges the distance, and propels himself from a trampoline head-first into a wall.  (We're negotiating to get our hands on the "blooper reel.")

When you are a guest in our home these days, you are imprisoned by the proud papa until you sit through the video of Sports Guy.  (Consider this fair warning to anybody who plans to spend an afternoon or overnight at Chez Mizrachi.)

As a beloved guest of this blog, I invite you to enjoy a few minutes of the only white Jewish Harlem Globetrotter, complete with peyos.  Thanks for having a little fun with us, and sharing a bit of nachas.

Baltimore homies alert:  Be sure to check out the third Schamroth star of our show, being interviewed by Yishai and Malkah Fleisher on Israel National Radio.  The whole program is a pleasure; but Yehudis' interview begins approximately 30 minutes into the recording.  Yehudis speaks well, as always, and does the Baltimore kehilla proud.  Can you imagine having 40 relatives in walking distance of your apartment?  Kein yirbu!  Yishai and Malkah get an answer to the burning question, "What is the difference between an anesthetist and an anesthesiologist?"  And Yishai gives free advertising to Dr. Julian Schamroth, his dermatologist, and Yehudis' brother-in-law.

(If anyone doesn't understand how this Ki Yachol Nuchal! episode got its name, please feel free to call our toll-free number.)
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