Monday, April 27, 2009

"Monday's Child is Fair of Face."

Yom sheni, 3 Iyar 5769.

Welcome to the world, little Sabra.  As was pointed out by my dear son, your father -- lovingly known in these pages as Soldier Boy:  Thank you for making Saba's and Savta's klita complete.

May you give much Yiddishe nachas to your dear parents and to our Tatte b'Shomayim.  May your life be filled with wonder and awe and absolute joy in your knowledge that Hashem runs the world.  May you strike the right balance between kef and concentration.  And may you see the coming of Moshiach, bimheira v'yomeinu!

(For those who will ask, the new little princess came into the world at 04:50 this morning, weighing 4.1 kilo [9.3 pounds], kine hora, puh-puh-puh.  New baby and new ema and new abba are doing fine, baruch Hashem.  May we all share good news and much joy!)

Parenthetical answer to Question Number Two:  Savta.  Because Bubbies are plump and soft and smell of chocolate chip cookies; and Savtas smell of Chanel No. 5, and have a back story.

Klita:  absorption into Israel, and into Israeli society
Yiddishe nachas:  the joy that children can give to their parents and granparents, when they live a truly Jewish life
Tatte b'Shomayim:  Yiddish for "Father in Heaven"
Kef:  Arabic word for "fun" --  Interestingly, there is no word in Hebrew for "fun."
Moshiach:  The Messiah
Bimheira v'yomeinu:  speedily and in our days
Savta:  Grandma in Hebrew
Bubbie:  Grandma in Yiddish


Hillel Levin said...

Mazal tov Sis.

Thanks for helping bring another Jew into HKBH's world.

Hillel & Chava

Avi said...

I am very lucky to be married to a "granny" that has a very interesting and exciting back story. Mazal Tov my beautiful wife.

lisacat said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Look at that head of hair! She's totally squeeeeeeeee! Looks like Saba is stuck, her feminine whiles are already in high gear.
Much love and nachas to one and all!

Dr, Rona Michelson said...

Mazal tov from one savta to another. I remember thinking 15 years ago when our first grandchild was born here that for eternity I am tied to this land. May she bring you and her parents and her people only joy and happiness

Michelle and Yoni said...

She's beautiful, enjoy every moment!

bataliyah said...

An Eastman girl baby?! Whoever heard of such a thing?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear about new Jewish babies.

Mazal tov!!!!

elana said...

huge, mega mazal tov, ruti and avi!

give plenty of kisses to that cute one ya got there...and lot's of care to the new imma...9+ lbs!! ...she deserves a whole bunch of kuddos!

B"H...glad everyone's doing well...mazal tov again!

Hasbara With Attitude said...

Gotta add "savta" to your profile description...

Mazal Tov!

Shalomis said...

MAZEL TOV, TOV, TOV, TOV, TOV, TOV, TOV!!!!!!! May only goodness and chesed follow Sabra all the days of her life and may she dwell in Hashem's house forever.

Wishing Josh and Chana, Sabba and Savta, and Uncles Dovid, Aryeh and Dani a lifetime of overflowing nachas, simcha and love from this precious neshama! She is absolutely beautiful.
Wonder when her Abba will write her first
A heartfelt gezunta Mazel tov with much, much love,
Tanta Shalomis

sandra said...

Mazel Tov! She's a beauty! You should all enjoy every minute of being with her. My bracha to baby sabra is that she should live her tafkid b'olam and be joyful and loving all the days of her life. May Hashem bless her always and keep her close to him. Love, Sandra xxoo

Anonymous said...

To the entire Eastman family,
MAZEL TOV! It's so beautiful to welcome a new Jewish soul to our world. With HASHEM's help, may she help put her constructive mark on this world.= The power of one!!!!
Have much nachas,
Naomi Shafner Daina

Frayda said...

Mazal tov to you and the whole Eastman family!!!!!

Jim said...

what a precious little beauty. mazal tov and much joy to you all. jim miller

Avi Katz said...

Mazel Tov! May you have much nachas and brocha.

Baila said...

Mazal Tov!!! She is beautiful. Much nachat.

Eileen said...

Mazel Tov! Being a savta is wonderful!!! Enjoy it. And mazel tov to the entire Eastman clan.

Linda said...

Mazel Tov! What a beautiful jewel! May she bring you as much joy as you will give her love and guidance!

Tsila said...


A HUGE Mazal Tov to you and yours!

Oshra said...

We got the news from the Bubby today while walking Champ. What fun to know all the players. I'm so happy for each of you. Mazel tov! Mazel tov! and a big "atta girl" to my former mother's helper, Soldier Boy's wife.

Miriam's Words said...

Mazal-Tov, Mazal-Tov to the entire mishpacha. May you always have simchas and nachas from the newest addition to your family. Enjoy every moment!

B"H Safta of 12

zahava said...

מזל טוב סבא וסבתא!

GORGEOUS! (pftu, pftu, pftu!)

rickismom said...

Mazal TOV!
Lucky girl missed rememberance day by a day. My daughter was born on holocaust rememberance day, but now celebrates on the non-Jewish date, as every birthday EVERYTHING is closed, and she couldn't do anything!

Yaacov David Shulman said...

How absolutely marvelous! She's a beautiful young lady. May she be a source of nachas to everyone in your family and of pride to all th3e Jewish people.

Mazel tov, Yehoshua and Chana, and to the honored gramps and grandma!

May your wellsprings forever overflow.

Yaacov Dovid

Romi said...

Mazal Tov to the whole clan! Yahoo! We are so happy for you!!!

Romi, Josh and the boys

SherriZ said...

Mazel Tov to everyone :-) May this new pure Neshama bring much Naches to all of you and all of us till 120! Enjoy Savtahood----and welcome to the club!

abby sattell-berman said...

Mazel Tov Eastmans!!!! She's beautiful (no wonder, look at Savta) and may she one day have the honor of swinging a racquet with you, in my place. Welcome to Savtaoot, it's all a joy.
Love, Abby & gang

sandra said...

Mazel Tov.What a beautiful partnership. Hashem ,Mom , Dad and baby princess.Avi you need to move those bear paws away from her beautiful face. RG commented in the morning minyan about who was bigger paw or princess.We are very happy to be an uncle. Love Baruch, Sandra and family

Miryam said...

And we too, add our Baruch HaShem and Mazal Tov's. Amen to all the Brachot posted. May the joy you feel now continue all the days of your lives.
From a Nana and Pop Pop of 9 plus 2 grand-in-laws!
Miryam and Shaya

elaineg said...

MAZAL TOV! May you & your family have much nachas from your new graddaughter! love the Gerstenfelds

Schvach said...

Mazel tov to all of mishpachah Mizrachi/Eastman.