Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hashke's Flowers

Yom chamishi, 29 Tamuz 5772.

"You know how it is, son.  You're a writer, too.  When the muse isn't there, no words come out."
"I know, Ema.  But I miss the flowers."

This post is for you, Soldier Boy.

These photos are from a walk I took in my beloved village, Neve Daniel, in June.  So by now, the figs and grapes and pomegranates are bigger, and the hot July sun is filling them up with juice.

One of the things I love about my neighbors is their appreciation for the Seven Species of the Land of Israel .

Here are your flowers, my son.  Surrounded by fruit trees and beautiful gardens.

Difficult to see clearly -- but it's a lemon tree.  Very pretty.  ;-)

My favorite flower, the Passiaflora, looks like something from space.  This and the platypus show G-d's sense of humor.

A quiet tribute to the five young Israeli tourists murdered yesterday in Bulgaria.  May Hashem avenge their bloods.

The view of Beitar and the Judean Hills from my street.  On a clear day, you can see the Mediterranean Sea!
Looking forward to walking about Israel with you again one day soon, dear son!

Hashke: a Yiddish nickname for Yehoshua (Joshua in English)
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