Monday, January 16, 2012

“A little light dispels a lot of darkness.”

Yom sheni, 21 Tevet 5772.

I have a new friend.

I don't know her name.  I don't know her birthday.  I don't know exactly where in the Middle East she lives.  I don't know what she looks like.  I don't exactly know her age -- though I think she is young enough to be my daughter.

All I know about her is that she hopes "to visit holy Israel one day," and that she is a secret refugee from Islam, who dares not give me more information about herself, lest she be murdered by the adherents to her former faith.

These loyal adherents may even include the family she is loathe to leave.

So she lives in a closet of lies.

Outwardly, she pretends to be a loyal Muslim, so that her beloved family will not disown her -- or worse -- in the name of Allah.

Inwardly, every fiber of her being struggles with a young, creative, passionate, naturally outspoken woman's desire to breathe freely, to sign her true name to what she knows to be true, to openly embrace ideas of others.  Inwardly, her very organs crawl to try to escape pretending to accept the words of  a prophet, not of peace and harmony and brotherhood, but a prophet of doom, domination and destruction.

She calls herself a Zionist, because she believes that the Jewish people have a right to their homeland in Israel.  She offers detailed analyses with quotes and facts to back up her assertions.  She helps me to understand that there is hope, that there are many young idealists among her people.  All may not be lost.

My friend needs your help.

She doesn't need your money or representation to help her escape.  She has very highly-placed help in that regard.

But she does need you to hear her voice, to give her the opportunity to fulfill her self-designated mission, for however much time she has.  Please read her blog.  Comment, because your comments give her strength.  Let her strengthen your knowledge that what you suspect is true about Islam is actually written in the texts.  Because if we are entering a time of world war, of a spiritual fight-to-the-death for what we know to be true, we had better be armed against disinformation and hopeful wishes that "it's not as bad as we think."

"Shakila's" blog is called Liberated One.  It is an ironic name, for no one living a lie can be truly liberated; but she is definitely on the path to personal liberation.  May she be blessed to disseminate much light to expel the darkness.

Do one more thing for her, won't you?  As disaffected by religion as my friend Shakila understandably is, she needs one thing from you more than anything else.  Please add her to your prayers, for safety and success.

I suspect the bad guys are looking for her...  and against being found and murdered, the True G-d is her only defense.


Laura Ben-David said...

Wow. Incredible. Thanks for making us all aware.

Yocheved Golani said...

I've written feature stories about the phenomenon of arab males posing as orthodox Jews in order to coerce gullible haredi girls into befriending them. The girls are then kidnapped, abused and held prisoner in arab villages. Rav Lau's organization occasionally rescues such females, making headlines. The IDF uses arab informants and this makes headlines. Why is this woman's plight news to you? Are you new to the Jewish world? Are you trying to remind people of the too-common situation?

rutimizrachi said...

Laura: Thank you for reading, and for your support.

Yocheved: Thank you for shining a light on a point on which I had perhaps not elaborated sufficiently. Shakila was born into Islam. Both phenomena are important to know about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about people like her that are out there in the darkness of an evil belief bent on world control. As always, your blog is about the light. I am as always very proud of you and I am very happy that you are my best friend.

Quilting Corner said...

Thanks for posting this. I will look at her blog and keep her in my prayers, blei neider.

Leora said...

She is very brave, your new friend. Lucky her to have you as a connection.

David Eastman said...

Amazing post is an understatment. Such bravery and commitment to truth. She is a lesson to all of us. Her forefather Avraham's courage flows strong in her blood. Tell her to hang a red ribbon in her window and my machine gun will pass over her house.

Shakila Khan said...

That is very sweet of you Ema.. You actually blogged about me and my blog. I just hope all the Muslims in the world can see how how nice Jewish people are and I wish they could put all the hatred behind them for good.
Thank you for being there for me.. I love you mama Ruti..


rutimizrachi said...

Nice comments, one and all.

Shakila, I pray that your work will help to make peace in the world by helping others who are in darkness to have the courage to speak out. You give me hope. May you be given the strength and the time to add much more love and light to the world.