Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You don't have to agree. Just THINK about it.

Yom chamishi, 8 Shevat 5771.

Important stuff from British journalist, Melanie Phillips.  My friend Noach, who suffers from being a genius, points out that she could stand to give a little more detail.  He's right, of course.  Therefore, go forth and study, after she reminds you that it's important to really look into the questions.

Hat tip: Alan Herman

And from Sha'i Ben-Tekoa of Deprogram Program:

"Israel, to be accepted by the international community, must 'dejudaize' itself. Never mind that there are officially 56 Muslim governments and states in the world, and 20 of them Arab states. The 'enlightened' in our time hold that for the Jews to have even one Jewish state automatically renders it a racist state."

"Israeli hasbara is a joke."  This is a battle for our home -- for the only Jewish home on the planet.  It's well past time to join the battle.  Learn facts.  Then, make up your mind.  Don't "think" with your heart.  Don't let me or anyone else do your thinking for you.

Time is surely running out.


in the vanguard said...

If only there were many more like her!

Pierre Sogol said...

Baruch Tihiyeh for the name drop...she might do BETTER as a Shabbat guest, you might see about it somehow...I'm sure she'd love to be welcomed across the Green Line.

rutimizrachi said...

Vanguard: Where there are no men, be a man. Where there are very few honest journalists, talk and write. Right? It's what we do.

Pierre: I suspect she would. Shall I invite you, too? The conversation would be stimulating! (Has the collar helped, by the way? It distressed me to see you nibbling away at your own fur.)