Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey, Fellow Bloggers!

Yom shlishi, 23 Av 5770.
Check out The Kehila, if you want to increase your sense of being part of the J-Bloggers' Community.
Eric over at The Israel Situation has started a new community for Jewish/Israeli bloggers.

It seems to be a more organized version of what some of us have been doing anyway (by interviewing each other, or commenting and linking to fellow bloggers' posts, and so on).  Sort of Haveil Havalim with a corner makolet and a coffee shop.

It sounds like a nice place to live -- at least when I'm in Cyberspace.

Care to join me for a look around the place?

Read more at this week's issue of Haveil Havalim (#278): The Kehila Edition.

And if you have never had the fun of hosting Haveil Havalim, get in touch with Jack.  He really makes it easy; and it will increase your knowledge of other blogs -- and their and their readers' knowledge of what you have to say.


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Batya said...

I must join, but also have the Kosher Cooking Carnival to put together. Nu, would anyone want to host one? They come out every Rosh Chodesh.