Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whatcha gonna be for Purim?

Yom revi'i, 3 Adar 5770.

 Even though Sukkot is my favorite holiday of the year, the build up to Purim has its own special magic.

My favorite part is the Great Costume Hunt, which plays itself out in posts in the local online networking list.  Never boring, even during relatively normal times of the year, the posts leading up to Purim are food for delightful mental images:

My 10 year old Indiana Jones is in search of a rugged looking brown jacket or button down shirt.  Anyone ready to help him find the holy grail?  : )

This Sunday - February 14th, we'll have our second annual Purim Costume Swap, at Nerissa's Place! Bring your old costume and exchange it for a new one!

My class is having a Shuk Purim tomorrow.  We would really appreciate any old or new makeup that you could give us. I am happy to pick it up from your house.

My daughter needs to wear monkey ears to school on Sunday.  Anyone have a monkey ear headband or anything else that could work?  Thanks!

My 3 yr old wants to be a fireman. Does anyone have a costume we could borrow?  We have a Chinese girl and boy, a tiger, a baseball kid costume.

We’re giving away two clown costumes.  One which Rafi wore when he was 2 (but is marked 6 years old), which needs some cleaning, and one that Shlomo wore that same year, which is now laughably big (but not laughable in a Purim way).  Any takers?

I am offering Superman, Ninja Turtle, Robin Hood, soldier, Moshe Rabeinu.  Looking to borrow a cowboy, and Rivka really really wants to be a parrot - any good suggestions????

Does anyone have a dwarf costume for a 9 yr old to borrow for tomorrow?

Does anyone have a lion costume for a 3-year-old?

Anyone have a Mickey Mouse costume or any part of for an eight year old girl?

Anyone have a constume/Chinese hat/any item of clothing an adult could wear if they wanted to dress Chinese for Purim?  Thanks!

Does anybody have a red curly wig we could borrow for Purim?

Happen to have a boy's cheetah costume lying around that would fit a seven year old?

Does anyone have cowboy boots (or something similar) size 36 / 37 that we can borrow for Purim? Also, any Cowboy vests out there for the lending?

Anyone have a Cat in the Hat hat that they wouldn’t mind lending out for Purim? Thanks. 

Is there such a thing as a porcupine costume?  And if there is, do you have one Daniel (age 3+) could borrow?

Here's wishing that everyone find all of the costume pieces she needs to add joy to the Purim holiday...  and that we are equally successful in finding all of the other pieces to play our parts in this holy and special day.
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