Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Colors, Real and Imagined

Yom rishon, 27 Tishrei 5769.

Mystically, beautiful metal floweirds* from some planet far, far away, have sprouted in Neve Daniel. Perhaps they are a gift from Above, a Heavenly thank-you note for the keeping of shemitta.

While they have brought with them a certain amount of controversy (three Jews, five opinions, et cetera), they certainly have been a delight for the eyes. It will be fun to watch and see what else develops.
I'll be watching the ripening earth, lush and brown after our prayers for rain have been answered with so much love, to see what else grows (indigenous to this planet, and otherwise).

More fall colors: There are fruits you just don't see too often in Baltimore. And even if they get to the grocer as the unique fruit for Rosh Hashanah, are they this ripe and luscious?

Rav Avigdor Miller, zt"l, in his beautiful work The Universe Testifies, first introduced me to the lucid thought that colorful food is clear evidence that Hashem loves us.

Ah! I see a future etrog liqueur!

When the chill weather of Chanukah returns, we will have a little something to warm the spirit.


*Credit for this unique name for the shemittah blossoms goes to Zvi ("The Box") Ron. Nice job, Reb Zvi. You keep your well-earned title of The Name Guy in Neve Daniel. Long may you reign.
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