Monday, October 22, 2007

More Little Things


Yom Sheni, 10 Cheshvan 5768/22 October 2007, Monday

I do have to say another thing about the Dumpster Minyan. I find it very cool that we live in a country in which a bunch of businessmen can come home from work, knowing that the local minyanim will have already concluded... and meet out on the street, in a public place, and talk to the Ribono shel Olam together. It touches me in the same way as does saying Tehillim on the bus. Let's face it: you can say Tehillim on the bus in Baltimore. But your face burns, or you try to make it look like you are talking into your cell phone... because people in Baltimore don't move their lips in silent speech unless they are wearing foil on their heads to keep away the gamma rays... or unless they are standing on Reisterstown Road, doing spiritual air traffic control, or whatever that lady in the polka-dot Capri pants has been doing for at least a dozen years. (May she live and be well...)

Avi experienced his first I.P.S.S. (Israeli Price Sticker Shock) today. The bottle of Listerine, which seemed pricey at four bucks in the States, was positively prohibitive at roughly $12 in the "Super Pharm." To his credit, he decided that Israeli mouthwash -- no "great taste" prize-winner -- would be just fine, thank you very much.

Once again, the boys made their way around Yerushalayim without the 'rents just fine. I am so proud of them. They call on the cell phone every once in a while, to report their latest location. They feel empowered; and we feel comforted that they aren't at The Towers, bored, pretending that they are not at The Towers. Please G-d, let their lives in Israel stay busy enough, and full enough of meaning, that they don't have to fight those old dragons. And rescue all of our Jewish children from The Nothing To Do That Matters Monster, soon.
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